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deMotiverte spiller på PlenAir festivalen på Herdla. Fv. Jan Øystein Dyblie (gitar), Nicolay Leganger (vokal/gitar), Joan Bruland (bass). Bak Nicolay sitter Stian Jacobsen (trommer)
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deMotiverte at PlenAir festival at Herdla.

deMotiverte from left: Jan Øystein Dyblie (gituar), Nicolay Leganger (vocal/gitar), Joan Bruland (bass). Behind Nicolay is Stian Jacobsen (drums) .

Hello FOLKS.  We are the band of Nicolay Leganger – deMotiverte. See – where you also find some translations.
DeMotiverte are musicians who like many genres, such as rock, country, jazz, funk, pop, blues, acid and heavy.

When we play together, it is to bring forth Nicolay Leganger’s lyrics and melodies. There are simply no other songs we rather want people to hear. Listen to the relentless critical and ironic songs, where he harasses himself, most others, and society. It may seem like he wants to save the world. We others are both motivated and demotivated. But we understand what he wants.

Nicolay’s music sounds completely different on CD than when we play together outside. You can check out at You know what we mean if you listen to Gi meg mer (Give me more) the way we do it, and compare with the version here on Spotify, or as it is in the bizarre music video (on YouTube) where there are 50 people playing and singing.

Stian and Johan also play in other bands. Besides music, Johan works with IT, Stian with music production, Jan Øystein is a multi-handyman, and Nicolay talks with people. (We’ve heard he talk to himself too.). Come on a concert, everybody. It should be fun to save the world!

All the best!
Joan Bruland (bass), Jan Øystein Dyblie (gitar), Stian Jacobsen (trommer)

Nicolay has won awards, received good critics and been listed on radio.

Foto: Last ned Plakat for Nicolay Leganger og deMotiverte
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Last ned Plakat for Nicolay Leganger og deMotiverte